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How long does it take to ship out?

- Our average preparation time is 2-5 business days.

Which shipping carrier should I use?

- Choose the one that suits and low cost. >> More details

Why did the part weigh more than actual weight?

- Our site displays the bigger of actual weight and volume.

What is Volume weight? >> More details

What is Special handling fee?

- Special handling fees are added for the following parts. >> More details

What is extra cost?

- Extra cost's occurs when shipping cost exceeds >> More details

Regarding customs clearance >> Click here

 Can I add items to an order?

- Items cannot be added to the order due to the system. >> More details

How to Return, Refund and Exchange? >> More details

I need an invoice. >> More details

It is provided as an excel file that you can freely edit, and you can save it as a pdf and use it. 

How to make an urgent request? >> More details

How to Cancel Order? >> More details

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