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Welcome to Spare Korea. We will inform you of important information for using our service.

Related to finding items.

1. Parts not searchable by part number are for export. We sell parts for domestic use in Korea.

2. Not available parts are out of stock and do not have a restock schedule for the time being.

*Caution befor ordering*

1. Please enter all information in English.

2. Our average preparation time is 2-5 working day. (Closed on weekends and Korean national holidays.)

3. If the full name, receiver, shipping address or local contact information is incorrect, there will be a delay and additional charges may apply depending on the shipping company.

4. The contact's local number, shipping address, zip code and nationality must match each other.

5. The shipping cost shown on our site may difference from the actual shipping cost.

6. You are responsible for the disadvantages of not receiving emails and phone calls from the shipping company.

7. Orders cannot be changed once the order has been placed. Please review the item before ordering.

8. We can't control over the shipment once delivery has begun. Please consult with the delivery company for address changes, contact information, and other matters during delivery.

9. The problem caused by the incorrect transportation information is your responsibility.

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