Regarding customs clearance


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Thank you for your purchase. Here is a list of FAQ on customs clearance issues.

1. Our responsibility is until ship out, and the carrier will attempt to contact you regarding customs clearance. We are not responsible for returns due to non-contact, incorrect information, or non-cooperation.

2.  Is the amount paid inclusive of tax?

- no. Tax is not included. Every country has a different tax policy, and we cannot account for all of them. You must verify the tax yourself.

3. What documents are required for customs clearance?

- sorry. The documents required for customs clearance are different for each country, and the conditions are also different. You have to check it yourself.

4. How to proceed with customs clearance?

- For inquiries regarding customs clearance, please contact the shipping company. If you need our help, please leave us a live chat or ticket.

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