How to make an urgent request?


Last Update a year ago

By basically, all orders are preparing by number sequence. However, only a limited number of cases may apply for urgent. (Not all orders are available.)

Request urgent by:

1. Check stock and shipping weight before ordering by live chat or ticket.

2. Check the supply schedule. (Only a few items are urgently available.)

3. Please do not order with excluding shipping cost. This will be delayed until payment for shipping is completed.

(Overpaid shipping fee will be refunded after one working day after shipment.)

4. For urgent orders, you cannot request combine orders, change ordered items, and cancel ordered items.

5. For urgent orders, only FedEx and DHL are available.

If the following conditions are met, request an urgent request via live chat or ticket. After verification, if we think it possible, we will approve your urgent request.

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