How to write an order form?


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Did you find all the items you wanted? This is how to fill out an order form. Before ordering, please check the following.

- Please double check your address and local contact number before ordering.

- Please check again to see if the product you want is right for you. Once an order has been started, it can't be added.

- Our average preparation time is 2-5 business days.

- It is based on Korean time.

- Closed on national holidays and holidays in Korea.

- * The problem caused by the incorrect transportation information is your responsibility. *

- Please you should check first here >> Click

1. Please write your shipping address. 

- You should write in English

- Carriers must have your Full NAME, Local contact number that matches your nationality and shipping address.

- If you are going through customs clearance as an individual, please leave the company name blank.

- This is very important. If this is incorrect, delivery may not be possible or additional shipping charges may apply.

- Please write your request in the message box. (ex. Change invoice amount, combine order, Packing method, packing as small as possible, etc...)

2. Check the shipping cost and select a shipping company.

- If you need shipping company information, Click here

- If you think Shipping Coast is expensive, please Click here

  3. Please check your order summary

- The summary guides our company's major policies.

- You are responsible for not checking this. Please read summary

4. Before payment, You should check again the parts, shipping address, shipping company and cost.

 - This is very important. The problems caused by the incorrect information is your responsibility.

5. Complete your payment and complete your order.

- If you need the payment method. Click here

- We update the status of your order by email. Please check your email often.

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